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Serenity Neurofeedback provides NeurOptimal® brain training for effortless brain optimization and stress reduction. Training is extremely relaxing and safe for all ages. Non-invasive NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is FDA approved for relaxation and stress reduction. All the benefits of meditation in less time and without any conscious effort. In addition to a great sense of calmness, people typically report significantly better sleep in one to six sessions. Frequently reported client observations include:

"As a trainer, I get to witness large and small miracles on a daily basis. Seeing the effortless shifts in my clients' lives makes this the most rewarding job I have ever had."

- Nikki Sopchak, Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer

Imagine your life without stress

Brain Optimization

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Nikki Sopchak holds advanced certification in NeurOptimal® Brain Training and has had excellent results working with people of all ages throughout the metroplex since 2013.

Single and double sessions are $115.

​Office hours are by appointment only. Please call to schedule at (817) 946-2703.

  • Improved sleep
  • Better focus
  • Less irritability and anger, more patience
  • Feeling calm
  • Less anxiety/panic attacks
  • Higher self confidence
  • Reduced or eliminated headaches
  • Joy
  • Increase productivity