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​​​​​​​​​​Hair/Mineral/Tissue Analysis

There are an overwhelming number of vitamins and supplements on the market today that promise to improve your health and vitality. But how do you know which supplements are right for you? You may have heard, for example, that vitamin C can help ward off a cold, but did you know that too much vitamin C in individuals with certain metabolic types can actually make an infection worse? Hair analysis results offer an in depth look at your unique biochemistry and identify mineral deficiencies and excesses as well as any toxic metal buildup. Your results take the guess work out of supplementation.

Your hair is one of many places the body eliminates minerals and heavy metals. The individual mineral levels, ratios of minerals to each other and patterns of minerals deposited in the hair reveal all kinds of things about your body chemistry and health conditions. 

Nutritional deficiencies, mineral imbalances and heavy metal and chemical toxicity are often the underlying causes of many health symptoms and disease. A hair mineral analysis test reveals your mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity providing a blueprint to increase your performance, banish brain fog, improve energy and feel your best.

Detoxification: Far-infrared Sauna

No one on this planet has a body free from accumulated toxins. Our exposure to chemicals and heavy metals often exceeds our body's abilities to excrete them. The sources are everywhere: mercury from fish, mercury from dental fillings, plastics from food packaging, pesticides from our immediate environment, fire retardants virtually throughout the house; even carpeting outgases chemicals known to cause cancer. That beloved new car smell, while indicative of a car with many years left to its life, may actually be shortening yours. All of these sources independently are miniscule and innocuous, but they accumulate in the body ultimately to cause problems for many of us.

We offer detoxification "sweat it out" sessions in our state of the art Transcend Far-infrared sauna which includes optional music and chromotherapy lighting. Medical doctors and practitioners worldwide recognize this sauna as perhaps the most effective method of removing both chemical and heavy metal toxins from the body.

The Transcend sauna removes heavy metal toxins (including mercury), and fat-stored toxins, plus metals trapped in connective tissue and the brain. It also increases the eliminative, detoxifying, and cleansing capacity of the skin by stimulating the sweat glands. When the liver, kidneys, and lungs have been damaged by chronic exposure to environmental toxins, the body's ability to eliminate toxins becomes impaired. The Transcend sauna assists the body in eliminating the toxins and promotes the restoration of those organs back to proper function so that they can address future toxins.

More than 1,000 health professionals have used the Transcend sauna for a variety of positive outcomes including enhanced immune system health, improved cardiovascular health, stress relief, pain relief, weight loss and cellulite control, achieving good health, heavy metal poisoning, multiple chemical sensitivities, brain fog, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety and depression, detoxification prior to and after chemotherapy, and detoxification prior to conception. For more information on the benefits of detoxifying in a far-infrared sauna, please click here.


Initial ​​Hair/Mineral/Tissue Analysis: $195.00  

  • Includes detailed full report showing your mineral levels in addition to any toxic metals in your body and complete customized dietary/supplement recommendations based on your unique profile

Beginner Sauna Package: $175.00

  • Includes five sessions over a two week period beginning with a 10 minute session at 110° F and increasing in five minute and five degree intervals up to the maximum of 30 minutes at 130° F 
  • Designed to safely acclimate your body to the Far-infrared sauna as you begin to detoxify
  • Recommended to begin sauna sessions as you await the results of your Hair/Mineral/Tissue Analysis

Advanced Sauna Package: $400.00

  • Includes 12 sessions of 30 minutes over a four to six week period each at 130°F to help you continue to detoxify
  • Strongly recommended to assist your body in further detoxifying any toxins identified by your Hair/Mineral/Tissue Analysis
  • Package may be repeated as necessary based on the results of follow-up Hair/Mineral/Tissue Analyses

Follow-up Hair/Mineral/Tissue Analysis: $140.00

  • Includes complete retesting of your mineral and toxic heavy metal levels to check what changes have taken place in your body since the previous analysis
  • Based on your progress, diet and supplement recommendations may be adjusted
  • Follow-up analyses are recommended at three month intervals to ensure you are receiving the correct supplementation as you continue to detoxify

Pre-Conception Sauna Package: $1,200/$2,400

  • ​Includes 36 sessions together as a couple or 72 sessions separately over a 12 week period
  • Available to clients who have already become acclimated to the sauna via our Beginner Sauna Package and have had a sauna session within the last month
  • Designed to facilitate detoxification and promote overall health in couples to support a healthy conception and pregnancy

Individual Sauna Session: $35.00

  • Includes one 30 minute sauna session 
  • Available to clients who have already become acclimated to the sauna via our Beginner Sauna Package and have had a sauna session within the last month

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