In The Pink Wellness Center

In The Pink Wellness Center of Granbury, Texas is your one-stop-shop for well being. We bring together dedicated and caring professionals from multiple modalities that work together to offer total brain, body and biome balancing, helping you to be and feel your best. 

Licensed Massage Therapist

Neurofeedback training provides effortless brain optimization, reducing stress and promoting relaxation and mental clarity while helping normalize sleep patterns.

Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer

What We Do

Hair analysis provides in depth information about your body's mineral and nutrient balances as well as the presence of toxic heavy metal burdens. Detoxification is offered via sessions in our state of the art Far-infrared sauna.

Gentle yet powerful therapeutic massage is tailored to your needs, releasing tension and aches and pains, restoring mobility and quickly helping to get you feeling your best.

Barbara Preslow

Your Wellness Professionals

Nikki Sopchak